AGH University of Science and Technology is our alma mater. It is second best national tech university. AGH holds high position in QS University EECA ranking.

While still beeing the university teachers and researchers, we cooperate closely with academia environment from several local universities and research institutes. Many our students are engaged in research and development projects, and many of them undertake internships in our company.


Due to our research commitment, we actively publish results of our ideas and developments. A list of our selected publications may be found here.


We carry on several teaching couses, concerning: introductory digital techniques, basic and advanced digital design, hardware description languages, programmable logic devices, ambedded systems, methods of systems design & modelling, and other. Courses are prepared in cooperation with local industry and R&D branches of global companies.


So far we led over a hundred of M.Sc. and B.Sc. thesis, concerning: FPGA & uC embedded systems, hardware implementations of telecommunication and networking algorithms, IP cores for interfaces and controllers and many others, vast majority of which were realized for companies and scientific programs.