Double FMC-HPC to FMC-HPC backplane

FMC-904 is an FMC-HPC to FMC-HPC backplane board, providing a rigid connection between two FPGA host boards. It contains four FMC-HPC connectors. The board passes a total number of 36 duplex channels (72 pairs) between backplane ends. Of this number, 16 channels are destined for MGT transceivers, and remaing 20 for other LVDS signalization. It allowes the total throughput of over 320 Gbps.

For every backplane end the board also provides clocking resources, based on a Silicon Labs Si5338 I2C Programmable Any Frequency, Any Output Quad Clock Generator, driven by the 25MHz oscillator. Auxiliary SMA connectors allow synchronization of both backplane ends.

Single FMC-HPC to FMC-HPC MGT backplane (FMC-903) on demand.

Board Specification

Basic Specification
  • Dimensions: 139.0 × 218.0 mm
Application example

One FMC-904 board connecting two Xilinx VC-707 boards (test setup). Measured BER <3×10-17 (PRBS-7 pattern @ 10Gbps on 32 channels, running for 28 hours).  On the right picture below: the real eye-scans for the MGT transmission channels.