Double FMC-HPC to CXP iPass+TM adapter

FMC-902 is a FMC-HPC to Molex CXP iPass+TM adapter board, providing a flexible connection between two FPGA host boards. It contains two FMC-HPC connectors and two Molex iPass+TM High-Speed Channel (HSC) CXP Copper and Optical System connectors. The board passes a total number of 22 duplex channels (44 pairs) between connector types. Of this number, 16 channels are destined for MGT transceivers, and remaining 6 for other LVDS signalization. It allows the total throughput of over 320 Gbps.


The adapter also provides some clocking resources, based on a Silicon Labs Si5338 I2C Programmable Any Frequency, Any Output Quad Clock Generator, driven by the 25MHz oscillator. Auxiliary SMA connectors allow synchronization of both cable ends.


Single FMC-HPC to CXP adapter (FMC-901) on demand.

Board Specification

Basic Specification
  • Dimensions: 76.5 × 139.0 mm
Application example

Two FMC-902 boards and two 1-meter cables connecting two Xilinx VC-707 boards (test setup). Measured BER <3×10-17 (PRBS-7 pattern @ 10Gbps on 32 channels, running for 28 hours). On the right picture below: the real eye-scans for the MGT transmission channels.