For Science


  • FPGA-based 250 Msps 12-bit serial ADC silicon photomultiplier camera for SST-1M Cherenkov Telescope Array


  • dual-channel FPGA/DSP-based digital 400 Msps 14-bit receiver for EPR spectrometer (third generation)
  • dual-channel FPGA/DSP-based digital 500 Msps 12-bit receiver for EPR spectrometer (second generation)
  • FPGA/DSP-based digital 800 MSps 8-bit receiver for EPR spectrometer (first generation)
  • FPGA-based digital 500 Msps 12-bit acquisition and control unit, with PMT HV power supply, for laser photolysis experiment
  • microwave bridges for several microvawe bands (1, 2, 4, 10 Ghz)
  • 4-channel DDS generator for multiquantum EPR spectrometer
  • digital 100 MSps receiver for EPR spectrometer
    (for Saturation Recovery relaxation measurement technique

Nuclear Physics:

  • controller for dosimeters and X-ray meters calibration site
  • thyristor-based high voltage power supply for deflector of C-48 cyclotron
  • thyristor-based power supply for ion source of AIC-144 cyclotron
  • power supply for C-48 main electromagnet
  • FPGA-based module for wavelet compression of measurement data for electronic bubble chamber (160MBps data stream, for ICARUS experiment)

Image Processing:

  • FPGA-based pre-processing framegrabber for VME-bus
  • FPGA-based stereoscopy image processing system
  • FPGA-based morphological image processing system


  • FMC-141: dual 2.3 GHz 500 Msps 12b ADC board
  • FMC-142: quad 1 Msps 20b ADC + quad 1 Msps 16b DAC + single 2.3 Ghz 500 Msps 12b ADC board
  • FMC-902: double FMC-HPC to CXP iPass adapter board
  • FMC-904: double FMC-HPC to FMC-HPC backplane